Services Overview

Kuzu Creative House offers a variety of creative services from project conceptualization to content, production and install. Below is an overview of what we can do for you!

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Creative Content

KUZU can create a myriad of creative content for you from branding to miscellaneous graphic design, illustration and animation services, marketing packs that include still images, gifs and animations for all outlets of social media, and photo and video-shoots and other asset gathering to the needs of your project.


Video Production

We have access to equipment, technology and post-production expertise to make your 2-D and 360 video dreams come true in HD. We can also offer sound design, music production and licensing, as well as drone footage and green screen services.


Event Planning

When it comes to your event, KUZU is the dough that keeps the pizza together.
We can create eye-catching visuals, help you with projection mapping, live-streaming, and experiential marketing. All catered to your technology requirements.



Looking to propel yourself into the future? We got you! Our VR/AR experts (read: Professors) can design your environment, model your objects, and simulate your experiences. You want to get involved with emergent realities but you don’t exactly know how? We also provide consultation.



Let us improve your designs and experiences, according to your customers’ wants and needs, and help you reach those marketing goals! KUZU can provide user research, UX reports, interface design, and/or general consulting.


Product DESIGN

KUZU has experience and access to an extensive network of engineer and maker friends to realize your idea! We can provide research, design and development, prototype production and initial testing as well as general consulting about the viability of that cat toy you have been visualizing in your third eye since the early 2000’s. 



You still use graphics from the 90’s? It’s ok, we don’t web-shame here. KUZU is happy to refresh the design of your website, or make you a completely new one that is user friendly, interactive, responsive and contemporary. We back our designs with UX/UI research so you know your web-presence is optimized.


We work with a vast network of subject matter experts, talented makers and consultants alike.
We are happy to curate a team specific to you project’s unique needs.

Don’t exactly know how your idea fits in our services?
Hit the button below anyways.