Fresh Artists


Fresh ArtIsts -2018 Cool Jobs Expo

For Philly based non-for-profit Fresh Artists’ 2018 Cool Jobs Expo, KUZU created the interactive “Dreamscape”, mapping projections on to a three-panel wall under which middle-schoolers attending the Expo wrote their dreams for the future.

KUZU collected and combined images from the Philadelphia urbanscape that are familiar to the kids, with animals, Afro-futurist patterns and cyber-punk aesthetic to present a fun, playful and positive future.

KUZU also made a MIDI controller available, along with a simple infographic listing our process and resources we used to make the “Dreamscape”, for kids who were interested in learning how to make their our own projection mapping project.


Creative Direction by KUZU Creative

Production by Fresh Artists

Light Design by Lyn Godley

Music by Dirty Art Club

Art by Sera Boeno